Examination of a patent application is often complicated and long. Its purpose is to issue patent for the application that meets the provisions set in the Law and regulations.

The examination procedure includes correspondence between the applicant and a patent examiner in the patent Office. The examiner issues an action that details his or her reasons for approving or denying patentability of the invention as described and claimed in the application and other requests for amendments to the application.

The applicant responds by submitting supporting arguments for the patentability of the invention and amended version of its definition and description in the application. We provide counseling and representation services in the examination process of patent applications that include:

  • handling prosecution of patent applications.
  • responding to Office actions issued by a patent Office, reviewing objections and rejections of the examiner and responding to prove the patentability of the invention in the application.
  • addressing formal requirements of the Office in patent applications during examination.
  • monitoring dates and timelines during examination of an application and after issuance of patent.
  • petitioning for restoration of patent applications and revival of patents.
  • appealing for registration of patent and patent infringement.
  • providing opinion on patentability, infringement and freedom to operate based on registered patents and patent pending.



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