Mr. Yossi Sela
Technical Expert and Advisor, communication networks, software, computers

Yossi is a highly experienced software engineer and inventor with well-over 30 years of experience in computer and software science, acquiring a large part of his knowledge by self-education. He owns a B.Sc degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem with a major in information systems.

Yossi worked for 8 years as a system engineer and operating systems supervisor at the Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI). He specialized in mainframes of Novell networks. His major activities included installations, configuration, maintenance and upgrading of operating systems and communication networks, design and construction of computer networks, performance tuning and user support.In the following years, Yossi worked as a freelance consultant, advising on maintenance of operating systems, including planning of migration process, execution of migration plan and maintenance services.

Yossi has been and is currently conducting independent R&D of innovative technologies in the fields of speech emulation and telecommunication relating to development of technology of communication between different network protocols, for the latter he now owns patents and patent applications throughout the world, including the USA, Canada, Japan, Israel and Europe.

Independently conducting the process of prosecution before Patent Offices, Yossi has gained profound and extensive knowledge and experience in many aspects of intellectual property, including drafting and filing applications for patent, responding to Office actions, and filing appeals to the United States Patent Office, a couple of which successfully ended in his favor.

As a computer engineer, Yossi has vast and profound knowledge and experience in many aspects of computer and communication technologies, including wireless communication systems, computer systems, logic design, and knowledge bases.

Yossi is a special technical advisor in our firm, consulting our customers particularly in his fields of expertise and strategizing protection of IP for our clients.