Designs protect industrially mass-produced products.

They are different fromsingly created art works.

A design protects the shape or outlines of a product.

Like trademarks, a design appeals to its visual identification with a product or company that produces it. For example, the shape of a bottle of perfume will recognize it with the perfume it contains or the label it carries. The same applies to soft or alcoholic drinks.

A design can protect different shapes in different fields of industry, from dresses in the fashion industry to pills in pharmaceutics.

With the growing exposure to visual content in the electronic media, the design becomes an independent asset that can be traded to increase exposure to goods it contains, and hence the reason for its registration in national acknowledged registers.

The use of design could be short in certain industrial fields such as fashion, and for this the registration system enables accelerated process to provide the protection required during the lifetime of the goods in the market.



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