Writing a patent application requires several elements: understanding the invention, writing skills, accuracy, and a certain amount of vision.

Skills, knowing one’s way around and constant updating in the rules, regulations and rulings in IP (Intellectual Property) are necessary for appropriate drafting of applications, particularly the ‘claims’, and getting ahead of mishaps during prosecution. It’s easy to follow the acceptable pattern for an application as well as its structure of passages. The main difficulty is in describing the invention accurately on the one hand and broadly on the other hand.

We guide our clients through the steps of defining an invention, drafting and filing a patent application and its examination in a patent Office. Our services include:

  • meeting with the client and reviewing preliminary description of the invention.
  • performing search for potential relevant publications and analysis of the patentability of the invention.
  • discussion and review with the appropriate specialists within the office.
  • discussion with the clients and suggestions how to proceed.
  • drafting a patent application, reviewing and revising according to comments of the inventor.
  • filing the application in a patent Office.
  • monitoring the registration of the application and keeping the applicant and inventor updated.



Tel Aviv, Jerusalem