Dr. Hezi Saado

  Hezi is an experienced patent attorney with rich knowledge in drafting patent applications, responding examination reports, providing opinions on patent matters such as novelty, inventiveness, infringement and freedom to operate to individual inventors and companies and strategizing IP.

Dr. Yuval Saado

  Yuval is a Ph.D. qualified physicist from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem with profound and extensive scientific and technological knowledge in and experience with various fields of physics.

Mr. Yossi Sela

  Yossi is a highly experienced software engineer and inventor with well-over 30 years of experience in computer and software science, acquiring a large part of his knowledge by self-education. He owns a B.Sc degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem with a major in information systems.

Dr. Evgenii Meerson

  Evgenii has a Ph.D. from the university of Novosibirsk and the Institute of Semiconductor Physics of Karaganda, approved by the high committee in Moscow, Russia. Evgenii acquired his education in physical chemistry and physics of semiconductors at Novosibirsk.

Mr. Udi Menashe

  Udi is an inventor in his own right, and so far has registered inventions and designs on his name in different technical fields. Udi's talent and expertise spans over various technical and technological areas, starting from daily use tools and home utensils to inventive software applications, particularly for smartphone. 

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