Dr. Evgenii Meerson
Technical Expert and Advisor, physics, material engineering

Evgenii has a Ph.D. from the university of Novosibirsk and the Institute of Semiconductor Physics of Karaganda, approved by the high committee in Moscow, Russia. Evgenii acquired his education in physical chemistry and physics of semiconductors at Novosibirsk. His doctoral research focused on mobility of charge-carriers, electrons and holes, in MNOS structures at states of double injection. In Russia,

Evgenii continued his academic career as senior researcher, leader of an expedition to Sibiria for the investigation of seismic phenomena, senior engineer at photolithography labs and co-researcher at the institute of kinetic chemistry at the university of Novosibirsk.

After making Alia to Israel, Evgenii collaborated with Hezy in successfully developing semiconductor polycrystalline composite x-ray radiation detectors in a hi-tech company.

Evgenii owns extensive knowledge in different fields of physics, electronics and related fields of science and technology as well as superior ability as problem solve.

Evgenii’s vast experience and knowledge allow him to provide best help and guidance as technical adviser to our clients in different areas in physics and electronics.