Dr. Yuval Saado
Tecnhical Advisor, Intern, expert in physics

Yuval is a Ph.D. qualified physicist from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem with profound and extensive scientific and technological knowledge in and experience with various fields of physics. His understanding spans from pure science of physics to hardcore technology in the Hi-Tech industry. He acquired an industrial and academic knowledge and expertise in various fields such as microwave physics, solid state physics, electronics, optics and electro-optics self-assembled systems, photonic crystals and meta-materials, silicon photonics physics related process development, device engineering and electronics of MOSFET in a FAB environment.

Yuval has a vast knowledge in FAB processing, process development and fabrication methods and also meteorology and analytical characterization methods inside a FAB environment.

He also gained high-end FAB’s practical personal experience in R&D, TD and production HVM projects.

In addition, Yuval holds several years of experience in electrical testing and simulations of DC, low and high frequency (RF) and a vast and detailed knowledge in modeling and simulations of microwave, electrical, optical and electro-optical design of various complex integrative systems and of discrete components.

Yuval worked in some of the leading top Hi-tech companies such as Intel, Numonyx and Micron and is knowledgeable in their work surrounding and requirements. Throughout his career he took leading roles in R&D, TD and production projects in top Hi-tech FAB companies and worked closely with top industrial and academic researchers and various groups inside and outside the FAB. He also developed some inventions relating to several innovative technology breakthroughs and filed patent applications for them during his work.

His skills enable him to understand the perspective of R&D developers and provide them with helpful counseling for the protection of their IP.

Yuval is a technical adviser and an intern for patent attorney in our firm.