Mr. Udi Menashe
Technical Expert and Advisor, product design and solutions

Udi is an inventor in his own right, and so far has registered inventions and designs on his name in different technical fields. Udi’s talent and expertise spans over various technical and technological areas, starting from daily use tools and home utensils to inventive software applications, particularly for smartphone. The combination of technical understanding, imagination, capacity to identify problems through unique perspective enable Udi to provide practical and at the same time creative solutions. Udi’s resume includes industrial and academic knowledge, including product development as well as providing solutions for materializing concepts into actual products. Udi acquired his skills at VITAL college for industrial design, which later united with the SHENKAR college. Udi serves as technical advisor in our firm and brings rich experience and creative mind that enable us to provide best counseling services to our clients in protecting their IP rights.